Local Walks from Oakfold House

Below are the details of our favourite local walks with all directions from Oakfold House, to explore the beautiful surroundings from our doorstep!


This walk will take you through the beautiful village of Bowness on Windermere, up to the scenic Biskey Howe view point and then onto Brantfell, for a stunning 360 degree view of Windermere. You’ll also travel along historic locations such as the Carriageway and Promenade stone benches and pass locations such as the World of Beatrix Potter.


Steep in places but mostly on roads and surfaced paths until the final descent into Bowness. Some parts of this walk are not suitable for disabled access. Sturdy footwear is recommended.


1) Beginning at Oakfold House, head to the right towards Lake Road and at Beresfords Restaurant turn left going downhill towards the village of Bowness, for approximately 460m.

2) Once you reach helm road (The World of Beatrix Potter shop will be on your right), turn left – keeping The Angel Inn to your right.

3) After the bend in the road following the Hydro Hotel, you’ll find a steep path (steps) that leads off to the left. This path ascends to the view point on Biskey Howe.

4) After enjoying the views of Biskey Howe, leave by the disabled track which is at the back of the viewpoint. Follow this path and cross the road through the gates marked ‘Deloraine’. Cross the next road and follow the sign ‘Permitted Path Post Knott’, which bears to the right through a gate with a National Trust omega sign.

5) Follow the Carriageway & Promenade all the way to the end (for information about the stone benches along this path, see “Points of Interest” below), then drop back to the gate onto Post Knott and climb to the summit for more spectacular views.

6) You now have two options: you can proceed along the path behind Post Knott going through the kissing gate and onto Brantfell, (for stunning 360 degree views of the lakes before returning to Post Knott) …or you can retrace your steps and go onto direction 7.

7) Following the path back to where it crosses with another signed Dales Way, turn left and descend through the field to Brantfell Road, heading towards Bowness village.

8) Once you reach St Martin’s Place you can either enjoy the rest of your day in the village centre or you can turn right towards Lake Road. This leads back up the hill to Oakfold House.


A short walk that should never be rushed. Often called the butterfly walk in the summer months for the abundance of life in the area. The view has been described by Alfred Wainwright as “… a moment of magic, a revelation so unexpected that I stood transfixed, unable to believe my eyes.” Ex-Fellwanderer.


This walk includes rough terrain in places and obstacles such as stiles. This walk is not suitable for disabled access. Sturdy footwear is recommended.


1) Upon leaving Oakfold House, turn right on Beresford Road towards Lake Road and turn right, heading up the hill towards Windermere. Follow the road all the way to a slight left turn onto Main Road. After a short distance (approx. 450ft), turn right onto High Street, leading on to the A591.

2) On the main A591 turn right. On the other side of the road to NatWest Bank and opposite Windermere’s railway station, next to the pelican crossing are some prominent railings currently painted green. Behind the railings you will find a large sign that declares Orrest Head with a hand pointing up a private tarmac lane. Follow this lane keeping to the tarmac which runs to Elleray woods through a series of twists and turns.

Pass the buildings and bear right, following the rough scarred path climbing through the trees. Once you reach the wall barring the way at the top, turn right, the path is now more level and consolidated. Now turn left through the gateway path, identifiable by the Heywood memorial stones set in the wall either side (see points of interest). Leading up to the viewpoint on Orrest Head.

3) At the view point you can either retrace your steps or, follow an extended route which is suggested by Wainwright.

Continuing the route, head in a roughly north direction, over the viewpoint area following the path steeply down through the bracken. Bearing slightly right on the descent to a signpost and stone stile. Here the path splits, cross the stone stile in front of you and descend further. Following the vague pathway as best as you can through the field to a gateway onto the minor road near Causeway Farm.

4) At the road turn left, after 750m bear left at the junction and follow this equally minor lane down to the A592 Troutbeck/Kirstone road. Do not turn onto this busy road but turn sharp left through the ornate iron gateway into parkland. Follow this track heading into the woods, you will now drop down to a little footbridge. In early spring the woods are alive with the pungent but lovely wild garlic. Climb the steps into a narrow lane above the houses.

This lane meanders gently, often with private grounds on either side, which you should not go into – there are plenty of warning signs. At the far end of the path it re-joins just at the bottom of the tarmac lane used on the ascent earlier on in the walk. Bear right, returning to Windermere.

5) You can now either finish the rest of your day enjoying the wonderfully scenic Windermere or return to Oakfold House by retracing your steps down lake road.


Tucked away from the centre of Bowness, Cockshott Point makes for a pleasant walk away from the crowds.

This lovely setting is ideal for a family picnic or short stroll along the waterside. However, you have to delve a little deeper before finding the real treasure – the path to Cockshott Point later opens up to your right. From here, a short wooded path leads to the shore.


The paths are either pavement or hard surfaced so are suitable for bikes and mobility scooters.


1) Upon leaving Oakfold House turn right towards Lake Road and then turn left in a southwest direction along Lake Road. Keeping to the pavement, make your way along the main road into the bustling Bowness centre. This is the perfect place for a pit stop, with tourists descending on the streets to explore the public attractions, coffee shops and retailers.

2) Here the path levels out to meet a roundabout, where you should take the first left towards the Bowness Bay (A592). There is a little traffic congestion at peak times so care will be needed where the roads narrow and on corners.

3) Pass the narrow roads towards the village square, where you should follow signs for Bowness Bay. After some distance, the route transforms into a sheltered lakeside excursion. The stunning views across Lake Windermere make for a peaceful retreat towards Cockshott Point.

4) The path swings to the right, with several routes leading closer to the shore. With so many different walks to explore, be sure to keep a look out for Glebe Road. Turn right here following marked signs for the lakeside car park.

5) It’s relatively busy here, with locals relaxing on the village green overlooking the lake. Continue along the road towards the lakeside car park and, where the path forks, take the country path in search of Cockshott Point. This route is slightly more satisfying, as you leave the crowds behind and enter a woodland framed by overhanging trees.

6) Cockshott Point is a short distance to the right, but is not easily reached by wheelchair users because it crosses a grassy field. Wheelchair users should use the surfaced path which emerges through the trees and leads to an open meadow.

7) If you are looking for a rest, there are benches a little further upstream where you can admire the stunning views across Belle Isle and watch the boats. After taking in the sights, relaxing and exploring the quieter shoreline around Cockshott Point, retrace your steps back to Glebe Road.

8) At this point you have the option to either follow the route back to Bowness, or turn right for a more scenic route past the lakeside golf course. This is a longer excursion, taking you along Glebe Road and past a Methodist church to your left before reaching the main road.

9) Once you’ve reached the main road, turn left and continue up a gentle incline towards Back Belsfield Road and retrace your steps back to Oakfold House.


This Craig Walk is through the beautiful countryside that is typical of the lower Lakeland Fells. Offering some great scenic views and spectacular views across Lake Windermere and the surrounding Fells. Although the walk isn’t unduly strenuous, there are a few steep climbs including the pull up to the summit of School Knott.


The majority of this Craig Walk is on gravelled paths and tracks, the walk does includes rougher terrain in places as well as obstacles such as stiles and kissing gates. This walk may not be suitable for disabled access because of this.


1) Upon exiting Oakfold House turn right on to Lake Road, follow the road and take the third exit onto the long stretch that is Biskey Howe Road. Nearing the end of the road you’ll find a path to your right marked for Biskey Howe Viewpoint. Follow this to see the Biskey Howe view point and stunning views across Lake Windermere and the outlining fells and mountains.

2) Once you’re ready to re-embark, retrace your steps back to Biskey Howe Road and continue down the road in the direction you was heading. Just around the first corner you will come across a fork in the road, take the path to the left and then turn down the first footpath to the right marked with a wooden sign post.

3) Stick to the path for approx. 250m and take the path to the left, turning onto Dales Way. Continuing along Dales Way and stick to the left when it splits into two.

4) After passing some cottages to the right of the path cross Lickbarrow Road going through the gates at both sides of the road and continue along Dales Way.

5) Following on through Dales Way you will join a road that leads onto the B5284. Once on the B5284 turn left and after approx. 300m take the path to your left. This takes you back onto Dales Way and towards the ‘Unnamed Tarn’ which will be on your left, which is a fantastic picnic spot if you brought supplies and fancy taking a break.

6) After passing the tarn you will cross Scout Beck, upon which you will find a split in the path, turn off the direction you were currently on and take the other path heading to your right.

7) Following this path leads onto School Knott tarn and then onto the summit of School Knott. School knott gives you a stunning view across the north of Windermere and its lake as well as fine views of the Kirkstone Fells on the way up.

8) Continuing along the path, taking a left upon joining back up with Dales Way.

9) Stick to the path for around 150m before taking a path to the right leading back across Scout Beck.

10) Now follow the path back across Lickbarrow Road, after around 200m at the split in the path take the path to the right. This gravel pathway puts you onto Park Road, Turn left and follow the road all the way to a T junction at the end.

11) At the T junction turn right joining a familiar road named ‘Craig Walk’ following this puts you back onto Lake Road (A5074), upon reaching Lake Road turn left and follow it a short way until you reach Beresford Road on your left and back to Oakfold House.


The Millerground walk may be one of the shortest trials around Windermere, but with fantastic access to stunning views across the lake and lots of distractions along the way, it’s a great walk for all ages and abilities.


The walk can take less time, but we advise spending a good hour relaxing and taking in the great views Windermere has to offer.


1) Upon leaving Oakfold House turn right towards Beresfords Restaurant and then turn left, heading in a southwest direction on Lake Road. Follow the footpath along the main road (approx. 5 minutes). Keeping close to the pavement make your way down the gentle slope towards the bustling streets of Bowness and past several corner shops.

2) Continue straight along Lake Road until you reach the centre where the road separates with an option to turn right. The streets offer various public attractions, such as galleries, cinemas and cafes to catch your eye as you pass by. Take the turn onto Longlands Road, and a few yards later turn right keeping on route.

3) The path then winds its way uphill before reaching a cross roads. Follow the tarmac surface, which soon turns into a narrow woodland track. As you start your journey, look out for the Bowness Bowling Club to your right with hidden views of the village. When you meet a private road, take the public footpath to your left, marked Rayrigg Road and follow to the A592 (approx.150 yards).

4) This part of the walk is the longest and the toughest. Nearing the end of the footpath you’ll meet a main road. At the A592 carefully cross over and follow the road to the right. Be sure to watch out for passing cars as the footpath exit makes this a dangerous crossing point for walkers.

5) Continue up the long stretch of pavement for approx. 26 mins before reaching a view point car park. Here you’re rewarded with one of the most beautiful views of Lake Windermere.

6) For the return journey to Oakfold House, retrace your footsteps down the A592 taking care to watch for those exiting the view point car park. Keep left to the pavement all the way past the 40mph speed restrictions. Be sure to keep watch for a black gate marked public footpath, as you might walk past your turn off.

7) Turn left following the marked route towards the A591. Keeping to the pavement make your way up the gentle slope and past several village landmarks, including a Victorian style church on the north side of the Windermere village. From here, simply follow the road signs marked Windermere Town Centre back to Oakfold House.